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Signing Your Kid Up For A Dance Class? What You Should Know

Signing Your Kid Up For A Dance Class? What You Should Know

If you took dance classes as a kid, you know that there are so many things that you can learn from them. Your child will get the same amount of benefits from it. After just a few sessions, you will see your child bloom and turn into someone that is completely different. However, you do need to be prepared for that first class, so you should bring certain things.

If you are taking your child to a ballet class in Toronto, you should have the following prepared:

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Ballet?

Starting at a very young age, there are immense benefits to ballet. Dance lessons work to keep the mind and body prepared for everything in life. It will also help to improve balance, posture, and flexiblity. Dancing can be a stress reliever and help with anxiety.

Most importantly, dance is a workout and offers beginning lessons into fitness and cardiovascular health. It also helps to bring people together and help to create friendships that last forever.

What To Wear To Ballet

For the first class, you may not know what to dress your child in so that he or she is comfortable and ready for movement. You may want to bring a fluffy tutu or because they are cute and girls want them. The same with the pointe shoes. Most classes require a specific type of uniform, like a solid colored leotard and tights. You may need to bring ballet or jazz shoes or symbol sneakers. Most often, people will need to stay away from bulky clothing.

Check to make sure that there isn’t a specific dress code or uniform. If there isn’t, aim to pick something that is lightweight, breathable, and stretchy. If your child isn’t comfortable in a leotard, you may want to add a skirt to cover up the bottom. Some studios will even allow yoga pants and sneakers as long as the child is comfortable.

Of course, you always want to have the hair pulled back and away from the face – you should put it up and off the neck as well. Don’t use hair accessories or bows that will fall out with movement.

As far as shoes go, make sure that they are properly fitted and won’t cause blisters. Teachers may have a preference for brand, color, or heel size, so make sure that you ask. The shoes do not have to be expensive, especially for just starting out. If you start to move on in classes, taking care of those shoes and getting better brands will be important.

What To Know Before The First Day

Before going to the first class, you have to make sure that your child is well fed and has gone to the bathroom before class. You don’t want your child to hold up the entire class. You also may want to check if your class allows you to sit inside – but that doesn’t mean you should. It is best for your child for you to be a bit standoffish at first.

Encourage your child to behave in class, but also encourage them to have fun as well. Some studios may only allow the well behaved children to participate in recitals and performances. It also shows that your child may be ready to do that.

Of course, you also want to ensure that your child is okay when you leave. Some dance classes have windows that you can look through but your child cannot see you. You just have to figure out what works for you.

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